Vision and Missions

Preface of IQAC

For  achieving  the  target  of  quality  education  the  GOB  and  the  World  Bank  have  been generously funding   a project  which  is  known  as  Higher  Education  Quality  Enhancement  Project  (HEQEP). A body of HEQEP is the  Quality  Assurance  Unit. This Unit is working towards improving quality education at tertiary level. QAU is implementing their projects through Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at institutional level. To this effect the establishment  of  Institutional  Quality  Assurance  Cell  (IQAC)  in  many public  and private   universities  has been  already  in  place. The  IQACs  at  the  universities  are expected to  create  an  enabling  framework  to conduct  meaningful  self-assessment  of  academic  programs  offered  by  the  universities  in Bangladesh.

So far, a total of 76 universities have received funding from the government for implementation of quality assurance practices in higher education. BGC Trust University Bangladesh is a recipient of Round 3 funding. IQAC  of BGCTUB  is committed to working sincerely to improve the quality of its education with the patronization of QAU and the university itself.

Vision of IQAC

To cooperate with BGCTUB to reach the benchmark of academic excellence at home and abroad through quality assurance practices of higher education.

Missions of IQAC

To achieve the vision, IQAC of BGCTUB is working

1.To gain the confidence of stakeholders for achieving the target of quality higher education for the national as well as global job market.

2. To create a facilitating environment for the students and faculty members to practice ethical values in the professional arena. 

3. To ensure transparency and accountability of all the stakeholders in the academic and non-academic pursuits.